Central GA Greek Festival

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Schedule of Events
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Oct. 19

11:00am – Festival Begins for 2018

6:00pm – Church Tour

8:00pm – Church Tour

10:00pm – Festival Ends for Friday

Oct. 20

11:00am - Festival Begins for Saturday

12:00pm - Dancers: Traditional Show

1:00pm - Church Tour

2:00pm - Dancers: Traditional Show

3:00pm: Church Tour

4:00pm - Dancers: Modern Show

5:00pm - Church Tour

6:00pm - Dancers: Traditional Show

7:00pm - Church Tour

8:30pm - Dancers: Modern Show

10:00pm - Festival Ends for Saturday


Oct. 21

11:00 am – Festival Begins for Sunday

12:00pm – Dancers: Traditional Show

1:00 pm – Announce Raffle Ticket Winner

1:00 pm – Church Tour

2:00 pm – Dancers: Modern Show

3:00 pm – Festival Closes for 2018


Dancing will be performed by the Hellenic Dancers of Marietta
Live Greek Music will be performed by Muses Greek Band

Sunday Service:

Orthros (Matins):
9:30 AM

Divine Liturgy:
10:30 AM

Church School:
11:30 AM

Fellowship Hour:
12:00 PM

Bible Study:
12:30 PM

* See the online calendar for weekday services and Saturday Vespers!

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